Jeremy and Cecilia Howell


I wanted to make sure to get it on google as well just because I saw the number of reviews you had and the ratings absolutely do not reflect the outstanding work you all do! This is a 5/5 company and people need to know that! I have been and will continue referring friends and family to look into your rentals. We wish you the best!

So I, like most people I’m sure, tend to not leave a review unless I’m very impressed or disappointed. This is one of those rare times I’m leaving a review because me and my wife were VERY impressed with Riddle Properties. I’ve been renting homes in the magic valley for 10 years and have struggled with every management company I’ve come across here, accept this one, and had to show my appreciation somehow. Stephanie served as our landlord since 2019 and was there for our every need. She was always pleasant and straight forward. We had a professional walk through before renting the property and you can tell she takes her job seriously and does absolutely everything by the book. It was the first time we felt like our landlords were on our side and not trying to go through the motions to collect a check, it was very comforting. I would recommend Riddle Properties to anyone as the best property management company in the valley. Thank you Riddle!!